Born in Madrid in 1983. Architect ETSAM UPM in 2007, and Master in Advanced Architectural Design ETSAM/UPM in 2017. Focused on international idea competitions, obtaining several prizes in different countries such as Mexico, South Korea, United States of America, Italy and Spain. Assistant teacher of Architectural Design at the ETSAM, UPM since 2013.


2017 Master in advanced architectural design ETSAM/UPM

2007 Architect ETSAM/UPM




2017 Concentrico 04. Logroño. Spain

2017 Noain sports facilities. Pamplona. Spain

2017 Railside promenade. Winnipeg. Canada

2017 Hornachuelos social housing. Córdoba. Spain HONORABLE MENTION

2016 Suncheon art platform. Suncheon. South Korea RUNNER-UP

2016 Pescara student housing. Pescara. Italy 2ND PRIZE

2016 Museum of Capitalism. California. United States of America HONORABLE MENTION

2016 Lighthouse Art Hotel. Syracuse. Italy

2015 Family center. Neumünster. Germany

2015 Durban apartment tower. Durban. South Africa HONORABLE MENTION

2015 Cascais cultural center. Cascais. Portugal

2015 Legno House. Condino. Italy

2014 Dalseong citizen's gymnasium. Daegu. South Korea 2ND PRIZE. BASIC DESIGN

2014 Bath House. Liepaja. Latvia

2013 Cultural Center. Liepaja. Latvia

2013 Container house. Sydney. Australia

2013 Biblioteca da Faculdade de Direito. São Paulo. Brasil

2013 Europan 12. Bitterfeld-Wolfen. Germany

2013 Freilichtmuseum. Germany

2013 CCCH Chapultepec Cultural Center. Guadalajara. Mexico. 1ST PRIZE

2012 Daegu Gosan Public Library. South Korea

2012 Martigny Custom House. Switzerland. 2ND ROUND

2012 Neuchâtel 2020

2011 Figueira da Foz e Buarcos seafront. Portugal

2011 112 building with heliport in La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia. Spain

2010 Indoor swiming pool in Concello of Vimianzo, A Coruña. Spain

2010 Fairgrounds in Cáceres (IFECA). Spain

2009 Urban intervention in the "Parque de la Dehesa" in Soria. Pavilion catering use. Spain

2008 Public school early childhood education. Palma de Mallorca. Spain




2015 Dalseong citizen's gymnasion. Basic Design. Daegu. South Korea. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

2014 Flat renovation in C/Caravaca. Madrid. Spain

2014 Semi detached house renovation in C/Islas Azores. Getafe. Spain

2013 Flat renovation in C/Guzmán el Bueno. Madrid. Spain

2012 Flat renovation in C/Laurel. Madrid. Spain

2010 Dr. Cerrato's clinic new layout. Madrid. Spain




2017 Hornachuelos social housing HONORABLE MENTION

2016 Suncheon art platform RUNNER-UP

2016 Pescara student housing 2ND PRIZE

2016 Museum of Capitalism HONORABLE MENTION

2015 Durban apartment tower. HONORABLE MENTION

2014 Dalseong citizen's gymnasion. 2ND PRIZE





2015 XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa (Durban apartment tower)

2014 Daegu Architectural Culture Biennale (Dalseong citizen's gymnasion)




2016 Instant-Lab. Espai Barberí. RCR + Fundació Bunka. Olot. Spain




2017 Foro de investigación en arquitectura. Arquitectura y sociedad. Mexico DF. Mexico. Trazados y trazas. Utopías redefinidas.

2017 Master Thesis. Desaprendiendo. Marion Mahony Griffin y Walter Burley Griffin. Castlecrag 1920-1937.

2017 UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects congress. Seoul. South Korea. Actionscape

2017 COCA.17 1st International congress in architectural communication.Madrid. Spain. Actionscape

2014 Catholic University of Daegu. South Korea. Objects and Variations.




Books and magazines

2018 SER4' #34 Atávico

2017 SER4' #32 5,4,3,2,1...

2017 Foro de investigación en arquitectura. Arquitectura y sociedad. Crisis y utopía. Trazados y trazas. Utopías redefinidas.

2017 SER4' #26 Tesón

2017 Engawa 22. Trayectoria de aproximación lineal

2017 UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects congress. Actionscape.

2017 SER4' #21 Sueños

2017 Vitruvius Drops 117.04 Aromas

2017 SER4' #19 Aromas

2017 SER4' #15 Otras. Todas

2016 SER4' #04 Digital

2016 Vitruvius Arquiteturismo 113.03 Dos pintxos de arquitectura

2016 SER4' #02 Umbral

2015 Durban apartment tower. Timber Design & Technology, October 2015 

2014 Engawa 16. ¿A fuego lento o precocinado?

2013 CCCH. 1ST PRIZE, CoArq, WA Wettbewerbe aktuell 7/2013 

2012 Martigny custom house. 2ND ROUND. Concours de projets d’architecture. Confédération Suisse                   

2012 Neuchâtel 2020. Neuchâtel 2020, Des idées pour dessiner l’avenir du canton



2015 Durban apartment tower. Beta-architecture

2014 Dalseong citizen's gymnasion. Afasia. Beta-architecture. Aeccafe. Divisare.

2014 Bath House. Afasia. Beta-architecture.

2013 CCCH. Beta-architecture. Archdaily. Coarq. Arquimaster. Plataformaarquitectura. Competitionline. Aeccafe. ArqA. Divisare.

2012 Neuchâtel 2020. Afasia