Type: Open international competition.

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Year: 2022

Program: Public Housing

Size: 7,280m2

Coauthors: Extudio

Visualization: Cosmorama Visuals

Public housing requires an intense reflection on the relationship between the needs of users and administrations, and the responses provided by the architectural project in terms of the construction of a fragment of the city, a place of coexistence between diverse inhabitants, of a private space for personal and family growth, finally, a segment of life. Always from the highest responsibility of public promotion, in terms of sustainability (economic, environmental, social) and efficiency in the use of public resources. This proposal takes on these challenges and responds with a unique construction, which will be so not only because of the milestone that it will necessarily become but, above all, because of all the technical decisions that will make the development of an environmentally sustainable building icon.