Type: Open international competition.

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Year: 2019.

Program: Collective housing

Size: 10.500m2

It is a proposal based on the circular economy in which the owners transfer part of their land to public entities and these promote the rental of social income that will bring the human potential capable of developing activities that configure and build the proposal in its entirety. The creation of a new urban reference in the city, a milestone capable of becoming a free meeting space not only for residents but for the rest of the citizens, implies an adaptable and easily transformable design at the same time unique. A meeting point under the shadow of a textile structure formed by different elements of different colors, which can be opened or protected from solar radiation to users, while producing a unique and attractive place for them. A continuous floor in which different areas are delimited by some steps that become seats in which you talk relaxedly, or perform various leisure activities. Under the textile structure, temporary events such as markets or musical events can be developed, which will enhance the encounter between citizens, while economically energizing the urban area in which the proposal is proposed. Being a public space, the community of residents must understand this place as an area whose maintenance and management depends on themselves, and whose existence lies in the commitment between the parties to serve as a visitor attractor and therefore new economic resources to community.