Type: Open international competition.

Location: Barcelona. Spain

Year: 2018.

Program: Hotel

Size: 30m2

The accelerated pace of life and the constant demands from our personal and work environment require spaces of isolation, seclusion and personal enjoyment. From the serenity that comes from the contemplation of a natural landscape, these new intimate spaces try to return the user's awareness of himself as an active part of a superior ecosystem that has to be respected and admired equally.


Back to the origins, finding a place where the client feels comfortable, surrounded by elements that transmit tranquility and comfort, thus become the main objectives of this proposal. Touch and smell add to the sight and hearing as fundamental senses to fully perceive the experience proposed by this new room model. Through the use of natural materials such as pine wood and fabrics such as linen and cotton, a unique space is created, a center of rest, rest and contemplation, surrounded by the services necessary for the user. The golden color of the bronze will accentuate unique elements. The natural finishes try to return the human being to the nature in which one day he lived, awakening in him memories belonging to moments close to enjoyment in contact with her.


The proposed geometry uses a turn in plan to accommodate service spaces in an inhabited perimeter that breaks orthogonally to form an interior similar to a wooden and fabric construction. A natural refuge in which to rest and relax. The bed is the central element of the composition, from which to contemplate the exterior, through the filter generated by the terrace and the planter with aromatic vegetation. From this place you can see the bathtub that in turn allows you to observe the surrounding environment from a secluded position and protected from prying eyes. The amenities proposed in the contest's bases, such as the work area, the television, the cupboards, the trunk, and the complete bathroom, are incorporated into the perimeter of the room's services, understood as a thick inhabited wall. The lighting of the room is solved by the use of continuous LED strips, located in the headboard and in the lines generated in the cutting of the fabrics that make up the roof plane. The color temperature will be adjustable and customizable by the user, allowing from a warm light to a daylight. The warmth generated by the materials must be enhanced by the use of adequate lighting.


Materials whose manufacture is close to the place where the proposed room is implanted will be used. It is a construction of proximity, thus reducing the impact of transport and therefore the environmental impact generated, something that together with the energy saving measures of the air conditioning, sanitation and lighting systems proposed, will make a truly sustainable room.


The individual becomes the center of the proposal, posing a reflection on nature and the surrounding environment, and the way in which it relates to both. Through architecture, the known models are questioned to propose a possible alternative. It will be able to return the user to a state of well-being in which the materials that make up the furniture and the interior architecture created, its smells and textures, as well as the spatial quality generated, become basic components of a unique personal experience. unforgettable.