Type: Open international competition.

Location: Logroño. Spain

Year: 2017.

Program: Ephemeral intervention

Size: 10m2

Budget: 2.000


The relationship between those who walk through the vineyard and the product obtained from these vines generates a bond that enhances the qualities of both elements. The infinite vision of the plantations, arranged longitudinally on the ground seems to show the viewer the duration of the process of obtaining the wine as something that expands in time but never forgetting the natural environment from which it arises.


The proposal presented intends to intensify this feeling of belonging to the place creating an environment in which the visitor discovers new values of the vineyard, always present, but hidden behind the visual power that the surrounding landscape exerts on it. We propose a personal, intimate journey, in search of a unique experience that serves to establish a new relationship between man and nature.


Conceived as a wooden drawer suspended in the air, at the height of the vision of who walks inside, its dimensions prevent enjoy the natural environment using the vision. Constructed with Garnica Duraplay plywood panels of dimensions 2500x1220x18, they will be painted white so that the final object becomes, from its abstraction, a reference in the landscape. An element capable of attracting the visitor and that invites to discover its interior. The simple assembly process avoids the use of additional elements, except for those necessary to join the boards together, eliminating superfluous objects that distract the visitor from the stimuli it receives from around it. A simile is established between the austerity of construction and the value of what is indispensable in the production of wine, praising the raw material in both cases.


Only the sky can be contemplated, and therefore light can penetrate into the interior of the installation. This will produce an increase in the sensitivity of the rest of the senses, especially the ear and smell. The objective is to show those elements necessary in the vineyard such as light or wind, including birds, so that in addition to the direct vision of the vines, the visitor is able to discover other factors that define the quality of the product that is get on those grounds.


After leaving the installation, an environment full of nuances will be contemplated, fruit of the discoveries of each one, which will turn the tasting of the wine produced there into a personal and unique experience in which the visitor will identify himself as part of the environment.